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Eater Talks | How Restaurateurs Innovated Their Way Through 2020

For restaurants, the consequences of the pandemic were immediate — and therefore so was the need to “pivot,” that cliched catchphrase of 2020. Amid capacity restrictions, kinks in the supply chain, and full-on dining shutdowns, many of the creative minds behind the food and beverage businesses we love found inspiring ways to keep their doors open and customers fed.

Aquí se cocina el futuro de la gastronomía española

España llegó al cielo de la gastronomía. Conquistó las estrellas Michelin y expandió su sello por el mundo. ¿Cuál será la siguiente revolución? Las nuevas promesas apuestan por una cocina que reivindica la tradición y la materia prima.

How I fell in love with Portugal’s briny, garlicky clams – plus the recipe

One food writer so loved the country’s famed shellfish he set up his own restaurant in the clam capital of the Algarve

Cómo cocinar con seitán, la ternera vegana

Esta pasta de gluten de trigo aporta fundamentalmente proteínas y es fácil de digerir, siempre que no seas celiaco.

Restaurants and the People Who Work in Them Need a Bailout. Let’s Finally Give Them One.

Coronavirus infections are spiking uncontrollably. Hospitals are over capacity. The public doesn’t understand which activities are safe, and city and state officials vaguely warn that worse is yet to come.

Michelin Announces 2021 Stars for Beijing

Weeks after opting out of a California dining guide, French tire company Michelin is carrying on with its international fine-dining ratings. This week, it revealed the 2021 stars for Beijing.

Ghost Kitchens Are the Wave of the Future. But Is That a Good Thing?

Sunset Squares Pizza has fewer than 1,000 followers on Instagram. Delivery in its neighborhood — San Francisco’s Sunset district — costs $5, while those farther afield in the city pay $10.

El adiós de Zalacaín

Un recorrido por cinco décadas del restaurante que abrió el camino de la alta gastronomía en España

La cocina de David Muñoz llega por primera vez a Barcelona con su restaurante virtual Goxo

El cocinero, dueño de DiverXo, reconoce que tenía muchas ganas de abrir un proyecto en la capital catalana.

Meat Experts Butcher One of the Tenderest Steaks

The flat iron is one of the most difficult to cut yet tender steaks on the animal.


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