Eater Talks | How Restaurateurs Innovated Their Way Through 2020

For restaurants, the consequences of the pandemic were immediate — and therefore so was the need to “pivot,” that cliched catchphrase of 2020. Amid capacity restrictions, kinks in the supply chain, and full-on dining shutdowns, many of the creative minds behind the food and beverage businesses we love found inspiring ways to keep their doors open and customers fed.

Restaurants and the People Who Work in Them Need a Bailout. Let’s Finally Give Them One.

Coronavirus infections are spiking uncontrollably. Hospitals are over capacity. The public doesn’t understand which activities are safe, and city and state officials vaguely warn that worse is yet to come.

Michelin Announces 2021 Stars for Beijing

Weeks after opting out of a California dining guide, French tire company Michelin is carrying on with its international fine-dining ratings. This week, it revealed the 2021 stars for Beijing.

Ghost Kitchens Are the Wave of the Future. But Is That a Good Thing?

Sunset Squares Pizza has fewer than 1,000 followers on Instagram. Delivery in its neighborhood — San Francisco’s Sunset district — costs $5, while those farther afield in the city pay $10.

Meat Experts Butcher One of the Tenderest Steaks

The flat iron is one of the most difficult to cut yet tender steaks on the animal.

Cecilia Chiang, in Her Own Words

Editor’s note: Cecilia Chiang died on October 28, 2020, at the age of 100. This story, originally published in July 2018, sees Chiang discussing her life, career, and influence on Chinese food in America with close friend Belinda Leong, who notes “hers is a career any chef today would envy.”

The Finger Bowl Is an Old Dining Etiquette Tradition That Could Soon Disappear

I was thrilled when I found out that Sagar, a low-key dosa place in Defence Colony (a neighborhood in South Delhi), had begun “no-contact” restaurant service.

In ‘Memorial,’ Houston Author Bryan Washington Uses Food to Connect Queer Love, Culture, and Place

Author Bryan Washington is a native Houstonian, something immediately evident while reading Memorial, his much-lauded debut novel.

Eater Talks | What Happens to Outdoor Dining in Winter?

When it comes to living with the coronavirus, one piece of advice is unequivocally clear: Outside is best.

Budapest Restaurant Solves Social Distancing Dilemma by Serving Dinner on a Ferris Wheel

In Hungary, restaurant Costes serves dinner on the Budapest Eye

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